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Special copy of the announcement of verdict to the accused

Form Number 1

In the Name of God

Verdict Number 34

Date: 2 Tir 1362 [23 June 1983]

Primary Board for Restructuring Human Resources of Telecommunication of Isfahan Province

Type of Accusation: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect


Procedures: The criminal file of: Mr Nosratollah Surname Khalighi; born in [redacted]; Birth Certificate Number [redacted]; issued at [redacted] Organizational Post; retired [illegible] telegraph; employment history Technical Diploma; Place of employment Isfahan; holder of Employment ID Number [redacted] ;Married; was fully investigated and reviewed. Based on the available documents, the Council issued the following verdict, reached in its meeting of 2 Tir 1362 [23 June 1983]:


Verdict of the Board

According to the expert’s view--X--, statement of informed --X-- and available evidence on file, accusations against the accused are proven and are aligned with

1- Member of a perverse sect, following Paragraph 8 of Article 29

The Restructuring of Human Resources of Ministries and Governmental Institutions and government sanction [illegible] pursuant to Paragraph 11 of Article 20 of the above noted laws, is accordingly condemned to indefinite dismissal from governmental posts.

This verdict, in accordance with Paragraph 46, is final and its execution is enforceable.

[Illegible] from the date of the announcement of verdict and [illegible] the appeal can be brought to the Appeal Commission. --X--