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Telecommunication Company of Iran

Date: 3/5/1358 [25 July 1979]

No.: 111/4270/5468


Att.: Mr. Nosratollah Khalighi

Telegraph Booth Officer at Telecommunications Company of Isfahan Province

 In reference to the decision made by a 3 member committee on 28/3/1358 [18 June 1979], pursuant to amended Article 74 of the State Employment Act, ratified 28/12/1353 [19 March 1975], and following opinion number 4/3019, dated 17/8/1354 [8 November 1975], of the legal Office of the Department of Administrative and Recruitment Affairs, you will be granted retirement on 7/1/1359 [27 March 1980], taking to account 238 vacation days commencing 10/5/1359 [1 August 1979]. Your pension will be calculated and you will be notified of the amount in a separate communication in due course. 


Naser Vahdad;

Chief Operating Officer of Telecommunication Company of Iran



[handwritten note on the bottom of the page]

14404-[dated] 3/5/1358 [25 July 1979]