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The Islamic Republic of Iran

Capital of Tehran, Mayor’s Office


Date: [?] Dey 1361 [January 1983]

Number: [?] 10/3551


To those discerning of the unseen and heavenly secrets, the divine medal shines on the arm of fighters like the sun.  - Imam Khomeini


Brother Afshar

Esteemed Executive Director of Behesht-e Zahra[1]


In view of the agreement by Hojjatol-Islam Mohammadi-Gilani, the honourable religious leader, and also to prevent contamination of the environment and maintain sanitary practices, it is permissible to build a place to wash the bodies of individuals who are not from the People of the Book[2].


Mohammad-Kazem Seifian


Mayor of Tehran





[1] [Tehran cemetery]

[2] [People of the Book/Scripture (′Ahl al-Kitāb) is an Islamic term referring to Jews, Christians, and Sabeans and sometimes applied to members of other religions, such as Zoroastrians]