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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Agriculture

State Veterinary Organization

In the Name of God

Date: 9 Aban 1368 [31 October 1989]

Number 30479/[illegible]/9

Enclosure -----


Honorable Head of Group Inspection, Ministry of Agriculture

To: State Veterinary Organization

From: -----

Subject: -----

With reference to letters 3988-A - 24 Aban 1368 [15 November 1989] and 249-A - 22 Farvardin 1368 [11 April 1989] and 2181-A - 23 Mordad 1368 [14 August 1989] and 3267-A - 18 Mehr 1368 [10 October 1989], and in accordance with confidential letter 3005/H/A - 24 Dey 1365 [14 January 1987] of the Central Security Office, it is in no wise permissible to issue a licence to Mr. Jamshid Farsi. It is to be noted that in his submission dated 11 Aban 1367 [2 November 1988] he has referred to the perverse Baha’i sect, a creation of Zionism and America, as a religion, and identifies himself as a Baha’i.

Dr. Alireza Safarian

Head of State Veterinary Organization

[Signature over official stamp]