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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nimrooz

[Date:] Friday 9 Mordad 1377 [31 July 1998]

[Issue No:] 488

[Page:] 10


From the Beginning of the Islamic Republic, Propagation of Baha’ism has been Prohibited in Iran – Jamshid Rouhani

Rouhallah Rowhani convicted of propagating Baha’ism, was executed – Jomhouri-e Eslami


According to the France News, in a ceremony, hundreds of Baha’is of Tehran remembered their co-religionist who was executed.

The France News confirmed that Rouhallah Rowhani, a Baha’i, was executed in the city of Mashhad on the northeast of Iran.

The News Service confirmed that more than 500 of the Baha’is participated in the commemoration ceremony of Rouhollah Rowhani, which was held at one of the northern suburbs of Tehran for the consolation of the family.

Feizollah Rouhani, brother of the deceased told the reporter of the France Press that the body of his brother was returned to the family and it was, after a ceremony, buried in Tehran.

Feizollah Rouhani informed the reporter that this enormous crowd had not come only to give support but they had come to give their condolences to the Baha’is of Iran.

Jamshid Rouhani, another brother to Feizollah Rouhani in an interview with BBC said that after 10 months in prison, his brother had a visit from his wife and four children only the day before his ‘martyrdom’.

Jamshid Rouhani said that they wanted his brother’s wife to visit him in the prison. One day after the visit, they informed her to come to receive the body of her husband, and to do this they gave her one hour only, saying that if she delayed in coming, they themselves would bury the body.

He then said “We went to receive the body from the medical examiner where the guards were also present. The sign of the hanging rope was deep on the neck of my brother. The medical examiner indicated the reason for death had been strangling. Yet the guards angrily took the document of the burial permission and tore it and asked him to write down the reason for death as internal bleeding. Because of their threat, the medical examiner wrote down on the document, the reason for death as internal bleeding’

Jamshid Rouhani said, ‘My brother was imprisoned on the 29th of Shahrivar [1376] [11 September 1997] until the 29th of Tir [1377] [20th of July 1998], which is exactly 10 months. His imprisonment was due to his religious belief and his activities for the Baha’i Faith. He never propagated the Faith, nor did he teach the Faith as, since the beginning of the Islamic Republic, teaching has been prohibited for us’.

He believed that all [activities] that his brother was engaged in were related to his Faith.

He said, on the second day of the commemoration ceremony, three Baha’i prisoners of Mashhad were brought in to the ceremony in their prison uniforms and slippers saying that they had been told ,to be prepared because we are taking you to the commemoration ceremony of the friends.

According to the recent report, the Islamic Republic through such action is intending to force the Baha’is to recant their Faith.