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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Iran Wire

[Date:] 25 November 2020


New Details of the Attack on the Homes of Baha’i Citizens by the Security Forces

Ostan Wire – Iran Wire recently received the names of tens of Baha’i citizens in various cities in Iran whose homes were simultaneously searched and their belongings confiscated on Sunday morning, 2 Azar [22 November].

Shahla Hekmatshoar, Ataollah Ashrafi, Homa Etemadi, Niki Khanjani, Riaz Sobhani, Shahrokh Taef, Afif Naimi, Naser Nabili, Sirous Misaghieh, Elham Amiri, Shahram Safajou, Taher Safajou, Anis Safajou, Bahador Motearefi, Khosrow Shafiezadeh, Ehsan Mokari, Paymaneh Namadar, Daryoush Dayyani, Fariborz Behin-Aien, Naser Dalili and Jamshid Shahmohammadi are Baha’i citizens whose homes have been raided by security forces.

It is worth noting that on the morning Sunday 2 Azar 1399 [22 November 2020], the Ministry of Intelligence officials visited the homes of a number of Baha’is living in different cities of Iran, including Tehran, Isfahan (and its suburbs), Karaj, Mashhad and Kerman, after searching their homes, confiscated laptops, cell phones, books and religious photos belonging to the residents of these homes. In some cases, it has been reported that all ID cards and ID documents, title deeds, promissory notes, work documents and funds (money) have been confiscated from their homes. In one case, a workplace search was also reported.