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[Newspaper:] Nejate Iran

[Date:] 19 Ordibehesht 1362 - 9 May 1983

[Page:] 8


The Secretive Relationship between Khomeini and Halabi

Mr. Halabi as a mysterious figure in the Khomeini regime

An 86-year-old man by the name of Mr. Halabi, who lives near the Hassan-Abad Square in Tehran, has come to be viewed as a puzzle and a big secret, in the full sense of the word, in the so-called Islamic Republic.

There is not much precise and clear information available about Mr. Halabi.  However, based on the statements of some of the clerics in the Islamic Republic and some pieces published here and there on behalf of cleric Meshkini, leaders of the Toudeh Party, and the presidency of Khamenei, we know that this old man has been the spiritual leader of thought in a movement called the “Anti-Baha’i Movement.”

Mr. Halabi is the Director and Leader of the Hojjatieh Society and it is said that this Hojjatieh Society has been in constant contact with the al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun [Muslim Brotherhood] in Arab countries.

The Fadaian-e Islam [Devotees of Islam] of Iran visited the old house near the Hassan-Abad Square.

Voice of America Radio and Halabi

In its report about Halabi eleven months ago, the Voice of America Radio had pointed out that, in his seat of power, Khomeini is only truly afraid of one person and that is. . .

Mr. Halabi, a mysterious figure in Khomeini’s regime

Halabi and the 28 Mordad coup d’etat

Halabi is an invisible and mysterious man, whose name is associated not only with the Tudeh Party, but also with many of . . .

The old man of Hassan-Abad Square is one of the most outstanding Islamic scholars, who single-handedly started a scholarly and explanatory resistance against Baha’ism in 1328.