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Number:  9393/2

Date:  12/2/1343 [2 May 1964]



Ministry of Roads [and Transportation]

Iranian National Railways

Department of Electricity and Utilities of the Railways

Subject:  Mr. Abdi’s Job Application [3264]


In reference to letter number 1002/[Date:], 1/2/43 [21 April 1964], the original job application belonging to Mr. Nejatali Abdi, which is incomplete with respect to religion, is hereby enclosed and sent to you. According to the contents of letter number 5817- [Date:], 27/1/43 [16 April 1964], sent by this office, kindly direct the aforementioned individual to clearly state his religion, which must be other than Baha’i, and after authenticating his signature, send it to this office, so that it may be sent to the National Retirement Office in order to establish his pension. Otherwise, it will not be possible for this office to take any other action.


For the Head of the Office of Personnel,

Abbas Jafari

1770 [Date:] 17/2/43 [7 May 1964]


A copy to be attached with the original application and sent to Mr. Nejatali Abdi.

Head of the Department of Electricity and Utilities of the Railways

Engineer Aminpour, [Signature]