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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

National Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization


In the name of God,


Date: 12 Bahman 71 [1 February 1993]

Number: 11/25123

Enclosure: ----

Unit: ----


Brother/Sister, Hani Azamian


We acknowledge receipt of your application to participate in the National University Entrance Examination for the 1372-73 [1993-94] school-year, and hereby inform you that, owing to the fact that you have not specified your religion in section 19 of the application form, you should now specify your religion below, with an (x) mark, and send [the completed form] to Post Office Box 15875-1314, Tehran, Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization, Incomplete files Unit, by 30 Bahman 1371 [19 February 1993].


In case of a delay or not sending, your application will be rendered invalid.

  1. ----- Islam
  2. ----- Christian
  3. ----- Jewish
  4. ----- Zoroastrian


[Official stamp] Registration Office of [National University Entrance] Examination Affairs, Incomplete files unit, Registration, Examination affairs and answering-sheet Section


Space for applicant’s signature:



[Handwritten note in the middle of the page]

With utmost gratitude, while believing in all the Holy Divine religions, as I am not a follower of any of the above mentioned religions, so I left the form blank.  However, with respect to religious studies, my choice is Islamic studies.


Hani Azamian


26 Bahman 71 [15 February 1993]