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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nedaye Sepehr

[Date:] 4 Bahman 34 [25 January 1956]

[Issue No.:] 104


Be Iranian

Westernization has reached the maximum, cinemas such as Rex Cinema, Metropole, Mike, Crystal Royal etc., are all registered as Latin names, even the dairy shops, textile shops named Abraham, Holland of Europe … which all should be repealed and cleared away. Let us use healthy, good and tasty sweet drinks, such as pomegranate juice, prune juice, natural orange juice, lemon juice, and not Pepsi Cola and O-So, which are widely promoted and are harmful to people’s health; their ingredients  are chemical and foreign.

The foreign bottles with foreign promotions with advertising have influenced peoples’ minds in such a way that thousands of small traders preparing Iranian drinks have been wiped out and hundreds of people have taken sick due to this chemical water. The Zamzam establishment, a branch of one of the wealth resources of Baha’is, the head of which is Mr. Masoudi, the known Baha’i and ex-head of the personnel department of National Railways of Iran, blindsided Pepsi Cola by advertising, and laundered Iran’s money overseas.

There was a time when the clergy was greatly respected in Iran, and their words were valuable—just as the clergy of Shiraz invalidated the plans of foreigners with one word and prohibited smoking tobacco. We are certain that today, with all the efforts foreigners and xenophiles make, there are still such pure and great men as His Excellency Ayatollah Borujerdi. We, as the delegates of the Iranian nation, request that they prohibit this harmful and lethargic drink, and we say that anyone drinking Pepsi Cola and O-So are not Iranian.

It has been some time now since the shah gave clear instructions to all ministers and the gentlemen in charge that nationalism in the nation, particularly in youth, should be strengthened; we have now followed the great words of the shah, declaring a serious campaign against such xenophiles, saying to the relevant ministries that we warn them on any action taken against the natural kingly instincts.

Fellow stalwart followers of the Aria party, tell the pure, noble, Muslim people of Iran that they should wake up from deep slumber and know that until we love Iran and support the shah, and stand against the xenophiles in good order, a prosperous, independent and ideal nationalistic Iran will not come to fruition.