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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nedaye Hagh

[Date:] 3 Mehr 1336 [25 September 1957]

[Issue No.:] 355


Pepsi-Cola Has Fallen in Mashhad and Other Cities.

A magazine recently caught my attention because it had published photos of a celebration of the Pepsi-Cola plant. When I saw the photos of those moving in the streets it looked like a funeral; their procession was just like funerals in Mashhad. I said, thank God that Pepsi-Cola’s life is over and this international imperialist organisation is eliminated from Iran and the truth-seeking campaign of the Muslim-fighters has achieved its results. My friend laughed and said this was a celebration, not mourning. I said, “If you were aware of Pepsi’s failure you would know that this celebration is worse than mourning, when the Pepsi (company) wants to proclaim that it is alive, while its death is certain.”

Anyway, I remember the exact day when Pepsi arrived in our Mashhad. The [subordinate] lowlifes began crying out. They sent Pepsi to every hovel shop, offered free samples, and advertised; many ignorant Muslims engaged in [investing in] Pepsi. But right then, some who knew where and how this mysterious drink was produced and consumed prepared themselves for the campaign against Pepsi, especially since a fatwa ordained its prohibition, realising that one rial from the sale of each bottle was donated to the Baha’is’ teaching fund. Some people, with bold courage, began campaigning against Pepsi. They informed anyone drinking Pepsi that it was prohibited, and told the vendors so, too. Indeed, Muslims boycotted Pepsi and avoided drinking this disgusting liquid.

One day I saw two young men on the street drinking Pepsi. I approached them, saying, “My dear brothers, why are you helping Aghnam’ullah [Flock of God]”?  They were not aware of the subject [boycott] and asked what had happened. I told them the story. They immediately poured the rest of the Pepsi that were drinking on the ground and washed their mouths. Also, many [formerly] unaware retailers now refuse to sell even one [bottle of] Pepsi, even though they offered them for free.

In summary, Pepsi failed miserably in Mashhad, and now there are not many Pepsi fans in Mashhad, maybe only a handful who are not fussed and would drink everything, even.... And as for zeal and courage, they are not any better than the Baha’is, and  we leave them alone to eat and drink and do whatever they want to, till the defeated and the victor will eventually come to light. That was the state of this mysterious liquid in Mashhad. As we have learned, many other cities have experienced a similar situation. I hope that our courageous brothers will continue their fierce campaign, wherever they are, and for the sake of the “Guardian of the Age”, may our lives be a sacrifice for Him, and for the suppression of the scoundrel enemies of His Holiness, against Pepsi Cola and the spying organization of the perverse Aghnam’ullah sect, awaken the people, knowing that with God’s assistance and the Imam’s support, victory [will be] ours.

In conclusion, I ask and request the Neday-e Haq readers not to fail in promoting and advertising for the noble Neday-e Haq newspaper and make every effort to considerably increase the distribution of this religious newspaper throughout the country, since Neday-e Haq is now the only possible way [to] fight against godlessness and immorality. For example, had it not been for Neday-e Haq in the campaign against Pepsi, how would everyone in the country have realised its prohibition and how would the identity of Pepsi have become clear for all? So promoting the Neday-e Haq is our religious obligation.


Mashhad - Mohammad Naseri