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[Newspaper:] Nedaye Hagh

[Date:] 17 Mehr 1326 [10 October 1947]

[Issue No.:] 375


Pepsi Cola Was Dismantled in Boroujerd. This Filthy and Dirty Drink Is Doomed to Extinction.

Esteemed director of Nedaye Hagh Newspaper, greetings to you who have waged a continuous and extensive campaign against Pepsi Cola, and are tirelessly acting and writing against this poisonous, hypnogogic drink.

Do not presume that Nedaye Hagh’s articles are ineffective, and Muslims who are believers in God and the Quran ignore what you write. That is not the case. I know that the issue of Pepsi Cola is looked at with hatred and disgust everywhere and the Pepsi Cola machinery has been dismantled—or at least ninety percent of it has been destroyed in all the cities, provinces and villages.

From the time Pepsi Cola started its work in my city of Boroujerd, one thousand bottles were consumed every day, which greatly profited the owners and the salesmen. The Pepsi Cola representative in Boroujerd who earned ample money because of Pepsi Cola, benefitted from the Muslims’ money and became rich. However, since the Nedaye Hagh Newspaper has started pursuing the issue of Pepsi Cola, has written about its harms, and has spread the decree of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, the consumption of Pepsi Cola has gone down on a daily basis. The bakeries, ice cream stores and other stores which sold Pepsi withdrew from selling it and dismantled the Pepsi machinery. Currently, the consumption of Pepsi in Boroujerd has become five percent of what it used to be, and there is hope that even that amount will soon be stopped. Indeed, the efforts and actions of the residents of Boroujerd in fighting this filthy drink are commendable in every way.

Seyyed Abdol-Hosein Moraghebi