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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Sepehr

[Date:] 22 Bahman 1337 [11 February 1959]

[Issue No.:] 253


2543 RT

18 Bahman 1337 [7 February 1959]

Ministry of Health

The Honourable Neday-e Sepehr Newspaper;

Referring to the news published in issue No. 250 of 1 Bahman 1337 [21 January 1959] of that newspaper about the lack of a doctor in Marzanabad, the postponement of the opening of the clinic due to the lack of a doctor, as well as the bribery of Mr. Haddadan, the head of the Health Recruitment Office of the Ninth Province, and the employment of Baha’is in the Health Department of the Province, this is to submit that health medic Ismaili has been appointed as the medic of Mazranabad Health Centre and the necessary order has been issued; he has already left for the service.

In the case of Mr. Haddadan, the opinion of the main office of the Health Department of the Ninth Province has been inquired about and the result will be announced after receiving the answer.

How appropriate it is for all of us to heed the remarks properly and impartially, and to try to remove the obstacles and shortcomings, and possibly the rumours! The procedure of the Ministry of Health, which confirms our opinion, is worthy of respect, and the awakening and tactful vigilance of the minister is honourable and commendable; therefore, we published an exact copy of the letter from the Ministry of Health, which responded positively to our remarks, and we hope that others will follow it in a favourable manner.