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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 16 Aban 1335 [7 November 1956]

[Issue No.:] 7


To Awaken the Deceived Baha’is

The tumult and disorder of the propaganda of the Baha’is―that all religions will be united through the Baha’i Faith, will come under the banner of unity of mankind (!), will become brothers and leave aside their ancient conflicts―are empty and disgraced promises.

The example of what was said is the Baha’i preachers, who, by [arousing] the national sentiments of the Zoroastrians and pretending that Islam was a belief imposed by the Arabs, misled a few of them from the same path that their pure ancestors were following.

But fortunately, issue number 80 of 1 Aban of this year [23 October 1956] of Hokht Magazine, the publisher of Zoroastrian thoughts, while inserting the proceedings of the gathering that was held in the Tehran Zoroastrian Association on 29 Shahrivar 1335 [20 September 1956], has raised the drum-beat of infamy of the Baha’is so much that it is appropriate to be heard for the information of dear religious brothers and the punishment and awakening of the deceived Baha’is.

Now the contents of Hokht Magazine from the lectures of Ardeshir Jahanian:

“Another issue that needs to be addressed―and please convey this message to the Parsi brothers―is the issue of the development of Baha’ism among us, the Zoroastrians.

These rumours are completely untrue and tainted with prejudice, because it can be said with courage that for the past twenty years, if the number of Baha’is [of Zoroastrian background] has not been reduced, it has not certainly increased, since a favourable environment must be created for the growth of Baha’ism, like Communism. This means that illiteracy, restrictions and deprivation must increase [as] people [come to] believe in Baha’ism. But fortunately, this environment has become unfavourable for them. Restrictions, deprivation and illiteracy have been reduced to a minimum, and the publication of religious books, religious teachings and ancient truths has advanced. According to the common practice, they spread the Baha’i image among the Zoroastrians by expressing sympathy.”