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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 18 Mordad 1334 [10 August 1955]

[Issue No.:] 235


The Opponent is Condemned to Definite Failure, Eternal Overthrow and Name Disappearance

... With the help of the Almighty God, eradication of the roots of corruption and cutting the treacherous hands of the xenophiles, that is, the misguided and perverse sects of the Bab and Baha, is definite and certain. Soon the government departments and sensitive national and military centres will be cleansed of this handful of despicable and filthy elements, and in practice, it will be proved to the world that Iran is a land of Muslims and Shi’ites, and that all the institutions of this sect will be annihilated, and the centres of corruption and anti-religious propaganda of the enemies of the homeland and opponents of the monarchy will be destroyed.

The Muslims of the world, especially the believers living in our dear Iran, after recognizing the betrayal and crime of this impure group towards the homeland and the honour of Islam, and after comprehending the opinion of all Islamic erudite and scholars—may God multiply their numbers—such as Ayatollah Borujerdi, and his holy instructions, will no longer go under the disgraceful burden of these traitorous, lowly elements and be under the control and influence of irreligious and unscrupulous people. They will fight against them according to the correct and rational principles and in accordance with the firm order of the Qur’an and the laws of the country, and whoever, in any position, wants to evade and procrastinate, by God Almighty, will face the inevitable defeat of the evildoers of this world and the hereafter, and every trick they use will be as pictures on water and blows to cold iron.

Therefore, it is good for the deputies to pass, as soon as possible, this useful law in parliament and to extinguish the fire of corruption and sedition, and not to hide it under the ashes of the filthy ideology of foreigners; otherwise, nothing will be theirs except humiliation and cruelty. How can it not be done while the head of the Muslims and the elders of the religion, the general clergy, preachers, His Majesty and the Islamic State are hand in hand in this sacred goal and God-pleasing creed? It would be impossible not to advance. It is unbearable and a vain imagination. To validate this single article as soon as possible, i.e. expelling these traitorous elements of Babi and Baha’i from government offices and cultural centres, will be for the benefit of them and other Muslims and God will be pleased.

May God grant victory to all and cut off the hands of the traitors and accomplices of the Bab and Baha from this nation and make us all one of the fighters and helpers of the religion of Islam. Peace be upon you, and God’s mercy and blessings.

Sheikh Mohammad-Ali Heidari - Nahavand