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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 19 Tir 1336 [10 July 1957]

[Issue No.:] 41


The Pepsi Cola Plant Is a Branch of the International Colonial Apparatus

Pepsi In Terms of Health: The Harms of Pepsi

In short, the intellectuals and nationalists, and those who love the ultimate victory of our Islamic and anti-colonial movement, must maintain the economic independence of the country, protect the suffering and toiling families, continue more and more with all the negative resistance and national struggle, in the face of the power and glory of global colonialism and imperialism and their workers and servants, and to refuse to consume Pepsi Cola, and propagate this amongst the comrades and close friends with full force and strictness, because consuming Pepsi [Cola] strengthens their economic power.

Strengthening of the economic powers of the enemies of Islam and the colonialists paralyzes the national economy and erodes our economic autonomy, and consequently destroys our political independence.

It is appropriate for the people of logic and reason not to increase the wealth of the vampire capitalists of Europe and America and the capitalist bloc without thinking, the final result of which [would be] our degradation and fall and the official colonization of Islamic countries…

Pepsi [Cola] from the Health Perspective:

Now, we are not dealing with the current political situation and conditions, which, because of the colonialists and [their] house-burning policies, have led to the establishment of this factory in Iran and granted the privileges of its establishment to Baha’is. We do not care that the unknown raw materials of this hellish syrup are imported from America, the base of capitalism … Now we do not even care which forces do not allow more serious measures to be taken against Pepsi [Cola]. These are the points, and the twists and turns, that the observers and politicians understand, even though they pretend not to; the situation does not allow them to disclose the secrets until a more appropriate opportunity is found. But the hollow and widespread propagandas are published in the national newspapers! And they have been widely circulated and have been misleading the naive people, and the unfortunate people of Iran think that this fake syrup is really a potion to treat pain, so that it brings strength to the athlete, the old man grows young, and the children grow. With your permission I would like to briefly discuss Pepsi from a health perspective.


Disadvantages of Pepsi Cola

(1): Addiction:

The first harm Pepsi Cola does to humans is that it makes a person addicted; that is, like cigarettes and alcohol, it makes a person “Pepsi Cola-ist!”.  Those who, in order to improve their health, have been fooled by the widespread advertising of the Pepsi industry and have been drinking Pepsi since the first day the factory was established, approve of this. An addicted person will suffer from dizziness and mental disorders if he refuses to use Pepsi for a few days.

(2) Insomnia and Mental Disorders:

The second disadvantage of Pepsi is that it causes severe insomnia, mental distress, and disorder in weak and strong people. The experience of insomnia in humans [indicates] the consumption of Pepsi. If someone consumes Pepsi and does not know the cause of his/her insomnia and discomfort, please tell them that Pepsi brings insomnia.

(3) Digestive System Disorder:

The third disadvantage of Pepsi is that it disrupts the digestive system.

Explanation and Correction of Error:

One of the authors wrote that those who write articles about Pepsi write their personal opinion.

To enlighten the minds of the readers, it should be said that the issue of the Pepsi boycott is not a personal opinion. It is a religious opinion and is based on the fatwa of Ayatollah Borujerdi.

Student of Islamic sciences