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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 26 Tir 1336 [17 July 1957]

[Issue No.:] 42


What is Pepsi Cola? Pepsi Is For Narcotisation of Iranian People and Addiction of Muslims!

Before the invention of Pepsi Cola, digestive problems, ulcers and colon cancer were not so common in Europe and [the United States of] America, but now the number of people suffering from these diseases is truly staggering and frightening. Of course, doctors’ round-the-clock efforts are not very effective, since, most of the time, when the patients realise their illness, the treatment time has passed; in short, considering the efforts, activities and all the means of treatment, the casualties from these diseases still constitute a significant number. It would be desirable if the Muslim nation of Iran, before becoming sick with these diseases and difficulties, were to get rid of Pepsi Cola and similar beverages.

Cola and Dr. Hauser

Dr. Hauser is an American who is a specialist and skilful physician. Perhaps many readers know him, since his book has been published several times in Iran. I think, in volume one of his book about the main [ingredients] of cola, he writes: “Avoid drinking substances called ‘cola’, since they contain addictive drugs’”; hence, we claim that the Pepsi factory in Iran is a branch of the international criminal colonial and imperialist apparatus which has been created to narcotise the thoughts and prevent the dire consequences of the awakening of our struggling Muslim nation….

What Should Be Drunk?!

The great genius, the honourable Lenin, has written a book called, “What to Do?” Now we write, “What to drink?” Before all, I must say that if you want us to drink Pepsi, first of all, Pepsi should be analysed in a laboratory under the supervision of a true Muslim specialist. If the drug is removed, and then the right to sell it is taken away from the Baha'is, then you drink Pepsi.

What Is the Obligation?!

Your duty! (Sorry for the inconvenience!) First of all, if you have been drinking Pepsi, leave it altogether and do not set yourself on hellfire. And then point out its harms to anyone who drinks Pepsi. [And in bold] I would remind you, the issue of its sanction has been imposed by Ayatollah Borujerdi and Hojjatol-Islam Haj Sheikh Abol-Fazl Qomi Zahedi, who are two of the high-ranking researchers and teachers of Qum Seminary; it has been also mentioned by other scholars. And of course, it is to bring to our attention that the reason for the sanction, and, in fact, its main reason, is the fact that the factory owner is a Baha’i and with the help of the foreign colonial agents, [he] is harming the country’s economy and the small incomes of our suffering and toiling brothers.

Perhaps, this article will awaken at least [some] of the people who care for reasoning, logic, mind, and intelligence rather than indulgence in one’s desires. Of course, if you do not abandon it, you will be subject to the [Islamic] law of “following the good and forbidding the bad”, and you will be held responsible in the same way as “Pepsi Colaists?!”

That is it!

A Student of the Islamic Sciences