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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Neday-e Hagh

[Date:] 12 Tir 1336 [3 July 1957]

[Issue No.:] 40


Pepsi Cola Factory

A Branch of International Colonialism

Boycotting Pepsi Cola, Qom and Pepsi Cola, Pepsi in Terms of Health and Economy and Dr. Hauser

Mr. Haj Seraj Ansari and, [illegible], a respected scientist, have discussed Pepsi Cola in several issues [illegible]. Now, for my part, I will write a few words to clarify the issue and to complete the argument, which may cause the awakening the dear brothers.

Pepsi Cola Factory:

The Pepsi Cola plant in Iran is undoubtedly a branch of the international organization of colonialism and imperialism, established for specific purposes, including to anaesthetize the minds of the people and to preserve its colonial interests.  (Refer to Dr. Hauser’s words at the end of article).

The manager of the Pepsi factory is a prominent Baha’i who has made a fortune and has set up a Pepsi factory or anti-Islamic provocation factory. Many before him wanted to get permission for a branch [of Pepsi Cola] in Iran, but his “unseen force (!)” and wealth, which he had collected by his sweat and toil (!) pushed everyone out of his way, and he owned the [rights to produce] Pepsi Cola in Iran. Make no mistake. We do not accuse people in vain, since there is no doubt that the manager of the Pepsi Cola factory is a member of Baha’i party and is one of the promoters of Baha’ism. If he were not a member of this so-called religious political party, he would certainly have denied it by now, but  in order to please his masters and to show perseverance to his party, despite all the attacks of all the Muslims of Iran, he has refused to deny this relationship and express his hatred for the Baha’i nest of espionage.

Boycotting Pepsi Cola in Iran:

This issue is sufficient to boycott Pepsi Cola in Iran. It behooves the Muslim people to refrain from drinking this suspicious syrup. Apart from this, another reason for boycotting its use is that, according to the reliable information we have obtained, millions of tomans from the [sales] of this accursed substance are spent annually on propagating the Baha’i party. It is obvious that direct assistance to this party, which is the enemy of Islam and Muslims, is forbidden.

In general, the reason for the sanction on buying and selling Pepsi Cola is that Ayatollah Borujerdi, may his blessing continue, has officially issued a fatwa [religious decree] against selling to and buying from the members of the Baha’i party, and has prohibited the Muslims from [providing] direct assistance to Shoghi Effendi’s corrupt spy agency. In terms of sanctity, Pepsi Cola is no different from beer, whiskey or other alcoholic drinks.

Qom and Pepsi Cola:

For some time now, there has been no sign of Pepsi Cola bottles on Eram Street and around the courtyard of [the shrine of] Imam Masoumeh (PBUH), and its use in Qom has certainly been reduced by 90%. But, the Pepsi Cola advertising machinery, to show off its influence over the Muslim people, has refused to close down its offices in Qom. Maybe he does not want to close its offices voluntarily; rather, he wants to provoke the feelings of the people and force them to close its branch in Qom, and then make it an excuse and pretend that the aghnamollah [derogatory name for Baha’is] are oppressed…

Pepsi Cola and the Country’s Economy:

In addition to the above reasons, our nation must, even to maintain the balance (!) of the economy of the country and to help its brothers, refrain from using this unknown syrup, because in this case, the market for carrot juice, home-made lemonade and ordinary syrups will be increased. In this way, many families who have become helpless, miserable and poor, after the establishment of the Pepsi [Cola] factory, will be protected from starvation, loss and falling into the mire of prostitution, stealing [crime], etc. …

After all, Pepsi Cola’s raw materials are imported from the United States, and thus millions of tomans leave our country and flow into the pockets of the American capitalists.

Qom- Student of Islamic Theology