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Ministry of the Interior

Political [Affairs] Division


Date: 1 Shahrivar of 1326 [24 August, 1947]

Number: 11097,


Subject:  Plundering the house of Dr. Samimi


Minister of the Interior


I respectfully submit that according to the report of the Gendarmerie Battalion of Hamadan, on the 23rd of this month [15 August 1947], about five thousand residents of Bahar attacked the house of Dr. Samimi, the head of the health department, in the middle of the night, and plundered his house and four other people’s, and set the Baha’i Assembly [building] on fire.  The battalion commander of Hamadan, together with the chief of police, the judiciary, the prosecutor and the district attorney, went to the location, took the necessary steps, and twenty of the perpetrators were arrested and interrogated. A constable has been left in charge there and the matter is being looked into.  An order was given to summon and arrest the instigators and the perpetrators and submit the file to the court. 


Commander of National Gendarmerie,

Major General Khosrowpanah


[Handwritten Note:] Urgent.  The original letter is sent for your information and for the proper response, according to the order previously issued, is being sent to the Political [Affairs] Division.