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To the oppressed and well-tested spiritual friends in the sacred country of Iran

Beloved Friends,

At dawn on the seventeenth of Shahrivar this year [8 September], seven meek and defenceless Bahá’ís of Yazd rushed to the field of sacrifice, in utmost meekness, submission and consent, following in the footsteps of the heroes of the Heroic Age, and joined the army of more than twenty-thousand martyrs and lovers of the Beauty of the Well-Beloved, for believing in the Baha’i Faith, whose goal is unity of mankind and establishment of the kingdom of peace and amity among humanity, elimination of prejudices and service to the nation and people. They now abide with glowing countenances in the presence of the Celestial Assemblage. The well-tested and steadfast friends of Yazd, as attested to by the illumined history of the Divine Faith, since the dawn of the light of guidance, have drunk of the brim-full chalice of calamity and snatched the lead in the field of sacrifice and martyrdom, and indeed attained glowing faces in the fire of tribulations and afflictions.

The recent martyrdom of these seven martyrs added another page to the glorious pages of history of the Cause of God in Yazd and augmented the honour of the martyrs of the Blessed Beauty in that region.

The Baha’i community of Iran has always, and particularly since the Islamic Revolution of Iran, both in writing and verbally, stated repeatedly to the respected authorities that although the Bahá’ís are promoters of brotherhood and unity of all mankind, they have a strong connection to their motherland, and consider service to their nation as their religious duty. They are utterly forbidden to interfere in politics and are free of any plot or conspiracy. They have no connection to any party or group and do not report to any foreign government; rather, they consider obedience to their government as their duty, according to the holy utterance: “[Arabic quotation]”.

In the face of difficulties, calamities and afflictions, they are obliged to seek justice from the esteemed authorities. If justice is administered, the desired outcome is achieved; otherwise they resign and endure in utmost reliance and compliance and submit the affairs to the will of the Almighty. This is a known fact, to which all the non-Baha’i friends and acquaintances who are related to Baha’is or those who are familiar with their purpose, customs and behaviours, as well as any insightful or just person who has studied the Baha’i writings, will bear witness.  

We beseech the Exalted Threshold to remove the dark clouds of prejudice, misunderstandings and baseless accusations against the Baha’i community as soon as possible, and put an end to the false and wrongful judgments regarding the aims, customs and behaviours of the members of this community; so that the esteemed authorities will deal with this community with utmost justice and confess to the honesty, meekness and obedience of the Baha’i community and deal with this oppressed and defenceless community with justice.

The friends are requested to hold memorial meetings for these martyrs in the Path of God and spend some minutes in reciting the divine verses and writings.

The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran