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Notice of information for the National Organization of Universities’ Academic Personnel of Iran

[Shiraz Unit]

[Date:] 25 Azar 1357 [16 December 1978]


Noble People of Fars,


In these sensitive moments the cries of complaint against the dictator and corrupt government from the nation of Iran, which have reached the four corners of the earth, people of various strata [in Iran] have been participating systematically and constructively in uprisings and strikes, as well as in protest-walks in massive numbers, thus announcing to the governing regime, their definite lack of confidence [in the regime].  Government agents have decided to foment disorder, confrontation, and killing among various groups in the society and are trying to cause our national movement to deviate it from its principal goal so as to demonstrate to foreigners that our fighting is  intended to cause unrest and upheaval and killing [of our fellow citizens].  The killings and plundering that have followed the massive protest marches on Tasua and Ashura[1] carried by the so-called “National and Patriotic” groups in various cities, especially in Isfahan, Mashhad, Arak and Rezaiyyeh, were clearly shameful examples of the vain struggle of agents of the secret police [Security Organization].  


In the region of Fars, agents of the government tried to stain our rightful movement by abusing certain minorities and inciting the religious feelings of the people. The painful event in the Saadi Village of Shiraz, in which many innocent people were killed, was a conspiracy carefully planned by agents of the security police. This episode was more than a simple religious confrontation, for which there is undeniable evidence.


In this instance, the most important matter is that you noble people must clearly understand that this was a manufactured conspiracy. Do not allow the agents of this governing body and their foreign bosses to use your patriotic and religious feelings [to further their own ends].  Just as the informed and advanced clergy of Shiraz previously announced, those who, under the influence of personal or religious feelings, have attacked the houses and businesses of the people and have caused their destruction and plundered their possessions, have, in fact, either knowingly or unwittingly, become tools of government agents and those opposing the revolution.  Existing information shows that within the last two or three days, some mysterious individuals, using the religious sentiments of aggrieved people, incited professional thugs and brutes into forming assault groups and have, with premeditation, destroyed, burned, and plundered the houses and businesses of the Baha’is. It is ironic that in all these events, the police and the army have remained silent and refrained entirely from preventing this destruction and plundering or even coming to help those who were injured.


It is incumbent upon all you noble people of Iran not to be deceived by these clandestine individuals and not allow your youth and children to follow them blindly. According to recent information, these same elements, under the guise of the “Baha’i revenge force” are planning to attack and destroy Muslims’ houses, dwellings and Muslim holy places in the days to come, thereby igniting the fire of enmity and inciting killing among the people.


Besides offering their sympathy to all those who have suffered on account of this event, the academic personnel of [institutions of higher learning in] Shiraz, , invite all their fellow-citizen and all informed inhabitants of Fars, to strongly combat these wicked plans of the secret police. For achieving this, the following actions are suggested:


  1. Inform every one of the conspiracy being planned by the secret police.
  2. Prevent groups from attacking houses and businesses, regardless of the religion of the owners, by organizing defence and security groups.
  3. Help to provide housing the families who have been threatened or been injured.
  4. Get to know and uncover the plans of the instigators, agitators, and members of the destructive groups.


The National Organization of Universities’ Academic Personnel of Iran

[Shiraz Unit]







[1] [Ninth and tenth of Muharram]