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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Bank Melli of Iran,

A Public Company with Three Hundred Million Rials Capital

Tehran branch,

Date: 26 Azar 1323 [17 December 1944]

Number 8314/3,


Ministry of the Interior


The branch of this bank in Abadeh, upon receipt of a letter from Mr. Sharifol-Vaezin, stongly advising the bank of the necessity of dismissing Mr. Asgarpour, an employee of that branch, wrote to the Governorate of Abadeh regarding [this letter] and has sent a copy of its letter and a copy of the letter from Mr. Sharifol-Vaezin to the central branch.  We are hereby sending you a copy of the aforementioned letters. We request that you send the appropriate order to the Governorate of Abadeh to prevent possible upcoming incidents from escalating, and inform us of the end result.  We will be ever so grateful.


Bank Melli of Iran



[Handwritten:] Political, one page enclosure, 26 Azar 1323 [17 December 1944]

[Handwritten:] To the Governorate, Copy to the Bank