Islamic Republic of Iran


Islamic Revolutionary Public Prosecutor's Office of - Tehran





The honorable Chairman of the Commission for Articles 88 and 90 of the Constitution of the Islamic Consultative Assembly


In reference to your letter number 6/15439, dated 9/6/1372 [31 August 1993], concerning the file against Mr. Nasrollah Miraftab and Mrs. Shafaieh Miraftab, children of Nematollah, as to their membership in the perverse Baha'i sect, and their activities on behalf of the illegal Baha’i institutions, and their departure from [illegible] of the government of the Islamic Republic from the beginning of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, and [their] fleeing the country, and ultimately, by the ruling of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, with full consideration for Sharia principles, as well as the fatwa of religious leaders with regard to ‘no protection on of the assets’ of such individuals, the order of for confiscation of all their assets is hereby issued. Pursuant to the blessed order of the Supreme Leader, dated 16/6/1368 [7 September 1989], and the decree of his eminence Imam Khomeini, may God bless his soul, dated 6/3/1368 [27 May 1989], and the opinion of Branch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, approved by him [the Supreme Leader], this ruling is final and binding. However, in accordance with the order of the Honourable Chief Justice of the Judiciary, dated 13/10/1371 [3 January 1993], one parcel of land belonging to the aforementioned and his sister shall be exempt to provide for their needs.


Assistant to the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran

Muhammad Ali Mahdavi


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