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Date of the enforcement of the Decision

Date of issue – [illegible]

Number [illegible]


In the Name of God

A meeting of the Preliminary Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources was convened on 9 Esfand 1361 [28 February 1983] at the Kerman Department of Education at which the undersigned, 3 principal and 2 alternate members were present..  [The purpose of the meeting was] to review the file of [illegible] Mr. Nasir Zand Kargar son of Ghanbar-Ali, birth certificate number [redacted] Kerman, date of birth [redacted], date of employment 1358 [1979/80], final position: teacher, highest degree and field of education: high school diploma in natural sciences, [group] 4, guild 3, base: suburban Kerman, employee number: [redacted].  Following discussion and consultation, the decision was made as noted below.


Procedural Synopsis:

The case of the above-mentioned was referred to the Commission for the Restructuring [of Human Resources] and based on the report 3 dated 7 Dey 361 [28 December 1982], along with reports from a a number of credible persons, by which he was accused of membership in the perverse Baha’i sect.  Following investigation through credible and reliable individuals, as well as an interview of the accused, the Commission issues its verdict.

Evidence and Documents concerning the allegations:

According to a report dated 7 Dey 1361 [28 December 1982] from a credible and reliable individual, the aforementioned is a follower of the perverse Baha’i sect; in addition, a report dated 7 Dey 1361 [28 December 1982] from another credible individual indicates that the aforementioned is indifferent to and apathetic towards religious issues. 

Furthermore, a report dated 8 Dey 1361 [29 December 1982] from a credible official of the Department of Education implies the aforementioned is a Baha’i.


Commission’s Decision:

Following its study of the content of the file and the defence of the accused, his explicit confession that he does not have any religious affiliation at present, his failure to denounce the Baha’i Faith, his being unclear about the Holy Prophet’s being the Seal of Prophets; and considering statements by individuals, the existing evidence and circumstances, has having been born a Baha’i, the reports received, as well as his behaviour at his work place, his guilt based on Article 1 Section 19 and Article 29 Section 8, has been established for the Commission.  [The Commission] issues its decision for the permanent dismissal of aforementioned from employment in any governmental or affiliated institutions according to Article 11 Section [illegible].  

In addition, [he] is not entitled to retirement pension based on Article 30 of the State Employment Act (his employment was in error)


The above decision, in accordance with Article 47 of the Restructuring of Human Resources Act, is [subject] to appeal by the Commission up to 15 days from the date of its service upon the accused [whether by letter or other legally acceptable means].  [If the accused] fails to request an appeal through said Commission, the decision of [illegible] will be enforceable. 



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