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[Two Official Stamps of Nasser al-Din Shah]

[Nasser al-Din Shah’s Order to Massacre the Babis]

[Date 29 December 1848, 3 Safar 1265 A.H., 8 Dey 1227]


The most honourable and celebrated Uncle, Mehdi-Qoli Mirza, governor of the border territory of Mazandaran, may you be successful.  You should know that the elimination of the disturbance, and the repelling of the corruption and sedition and rebellion and riot of the Babis, who have produced an innovation in the perspicuous Religion and luminous Faith of the Lord of the Prophets, is incumbent upon everyone and is one of the needs of the Faith and the exigencies of religion and the Nation.  Nay, extinguishing this fire is dependent upon the endeavours of the distinguished religious leaders and the honourable scholars, in the first place.  Next, it rests on the mighty grasp of the devout servants of this everlasting government, and, to sum up, as we decreed during the conversation in our royal presence--when that esteemed Uncle was being dispatched on this mission--that cherished Uncle must show forth utmost support to the noble favoured of the royal court, ‘Abbas-Quli Khan, the commander servant Larijani, and be careful and watchful so that by the Will of God, the Most Exalted, the sedition and corruption and riot and revolt of this hellish crowd will be totally eradicated from the regions of Mazandaran, and these few individuals will be entirely exterminated, leaving behind no trace; so that all the residents of those regions will be tranquil and free from their wickedness and mischief.  Of course, in this regard, you will act and organize [things], as ordered. You must exert yourself in this regard and pay the required attention. Consider it your duty.  Written on the third day of the victorious month of Safar, in the year 1265 [29 December 1848].


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It is decreed that the minor disturbance which occurred at Qadi-Kola should be suppressed in the most effective manner.  That honourable Uncle should exert the utmost efforts in this regard, and also make proper arrangements for all affairs.  Of course, you must act and organize [things], as ordered.  Consider this your duty.  In the [illegible] month, year 1265 [1848/49]


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[This is correct,] Mehdi-Qoli Mirza, [you] must bestir yourself beyond the ordinary. This is not a trifle; it is a matter of the dignity of the perspicuous Religion and Faith; you must eliminate this unclean, rejected people from the border territory in such a way that no trace of them will be left.  Of course, you must exert your utmost effort to strengthen our servant [illegible] to enable him to fulfil this service, as well as future services referred to him. Victorious Safar 1265 [December 1848/January 1849]


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Mehdi-Qoli Mirza must show utmost power and strength to Commander Abbas-Qoli Khan, and other servants, so that, God willing, just as we gave oral orders to Abbas-Qoli Khan, he can fulfil this service, and the affairs of those regions will be in perfect order.