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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Central registration number...

Province registration number – County 77

Date of issue -----         

Technical field


The Ministry of Health

Public Directorate Head Office

Medical Disciplinary Office

[official stamp]



Name: Naser; surname: Vafaie; father’s name: Gholamali; identification number; place of issue; licence number; residence and place of issue: Hamadan/1247; citizenship: Iran; marital status: married; number of children: 2; number date and place of issue of the degree 32079 - 21/7/1339 [13 October 1960] Tehran; licence number and date of issue: 87/2656 - 29/2/1348 [19 May 1969].  It became permanent on this date.  The assessment and the valuation of the education degree and number and the date of issue of the doctorate in medicine: 32079 - 21/7/1339 [13 October 1960]; specialty....; place of occupation: Hamadan; number; date of issue of the occupation permit....; address: [contact details], telephone 3838.

I certify the contents of this card as true and the original is in my possession.  Signature of the card holder....

The contents of this card are certified as true.  The card holder signed in my presence.

Signature of the head of the office


[official stamp of the Ministry of Health]