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[Personal information has been redacted.]


I, Nadia Yavari, have personally prepared and completed the contents of this application, and am sending the relevant documents which are as follows:

1. The receipt from the Bank Melli Iran, the Bastan branch of Tehran city, Tehran province, dated 7 Esfand 1365 [26 February 1987], in the amount of [illegible] and five hundred rials (1500 rials), paid to account number 748 of the Treasury of the Central Bank of Iran, the transaction being completed automatically.

2. A photocopy or certified copy of the identity card (This sheet is completely clear and without tampering)

3. Five 3X4 photos with my last name, first name, ID number and place of birth written at the back of each (These photos must be the same, all full face and taken this year)

4. Photocopy of a document that shows the status of my Army Service. (For brothers)

5. One original certificate, noting the title of study and place of study in the last two years of high school, with the stamp and signature of the Head of the high school or vocational school or education districts and areas of study (Must be the field of study, province, city and department of the candidate exactly be mentioned).

6. Photocopy of the selection exam transcript for the academic year 1987-88, for candidates who have participated in the mentioned selection exam and have entered the application number in their transcript in the registration application form.


All participants in the selection exam of the academic year 1365-66 [1986-87] who have received the above-mentioned exam transcript, if they send a photocopy of the transcript of the selection exam of the academic year 1365-66 [1986-87] along with the registration documents, they do not need to send a photocopy of their identity card, a photocopy of their high school diploma or a Form No. 2.

7. Special form approved by the competent authorities to use other quotas except regional quotas (To use quotas related to Islamic Revolution veterans, martyrs’ families, martyr’s quotas, warriors, literacy movement instructors, jihadists and nomads)

8. Special form approved by the competent authorities for using scholarships for teachers (For teachers and technical teachers) and nurses (for using nursing quotas)

9. Special form approved by the relevant welfare centres for blind, disabled and deaf volunteers.

10- Special form for definite withdrawal from education on the due date (maximum until 17 Esfand 1365 [8 March 1987]), which has been approved by the relevant higher education institution and the General Department of Internal Affairs for students at universities and higher education institutions listed in the note below page 1 of the guideline’s manual.

11. The completed forms of the registration of the candidates who participated in the student selection exam in the academic year of 1366-67 [1987-88], on which two 3X4 photos have been attached and with the exact and complete postal address: [redacted] and also in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in the manual, complete the registration form and the accuracy of the back and fore contents of this sheet.I do confirm the submitted documents and if this sheet or the attached documents are found to be defective or deficient, I do not expect any information from the General Student Selection Office to reach me or to take the exam.

A phone number that can be used to send an instant message if needed:

Phone number: [redacted] City code: 021

Date of Issuance: 17 Esfand 1365 [8 March 1987]

Signature: [signature]

Important Notes:

A. Those who have incomplete documents or have not completed the registration application form in full will be excluded from participating in the exam.

B. The registration fee will not be refunded and other registration documents will not be returned in any way.

C. On the day of distribution of the entrance card, bring the registered post receipt and birth certificate or ID card with your photograph.

D. Write the name of the area group in which you want to participate on the registration envelope on the stipulated place.

E. Incomplete documents or documents that are sent after the registration deadline or sent other than registered mail will not be considered.