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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Nabard-e Mellat

[Date:] 23 Ordibehesht 1334 [14 May 1955]

[Issue No.:] 115


Publication of a Newspaper in Support of Baha’i Spying Band

During the last week, which could be called “The Beginning of a Week of Great Religious Movement” of anti-corruption, when the spying and betraying Baha’i [gang] observed that opposition to their crimes had moved from the talking stage to action, and that soon the mighty grip of law and vengeance [would] press their wretched and unclean throats, according to the famous saying: “A drowning man turns to any dry weed to save his life”, [they] embarked on republishing a newspaper that had been suspended for four years.

By inserting forged and fictitious items that were anti-religious and against the national honour, this newspaper elevated its reputation to the limits of dignity and nobility of its Baha’i organisers!!!. [The publishers of this newspaper,] by distorting the facts, publishing senseless materials, discrediting the blessed movement of the shah and the people, portraying their Baha’i masters as victims, and defiling  the public’s sacred excitement and criticising the truth of the rational and logical statements of the great speaker of Islam, Mr. Falsafi, were so terrified that [they] manifested their malicious nature, prejudice, spitefulness and lies, on the one hand, and their inexperience, misery and adversity on the other.

It should not be expected that the writer or writers who, in order to fill up their damned bellies, would step on the reputation, dignity, independence and honour of a nation, and with utmost shamelessness and brazenness scorn a glorious and godly movement, would manifest anything except fear, dread and horror.

However, these brainless and self-interested [people] should be told that the faithful and courageous Muslims do not overlook any betrayal, wrongdoing or enmity against Islam and Muslims. No matter how subtle and hidden the condemnation of their sacred combat, recognizing its evil nature would be quite simple and easy. The escape from the powerful claws of divine wrath and burning fire of the rage of the Muslim nation is not possible for any treacherous person.

In this edition, we refrain from mentioning the name of this newspaper, that perchance they will regret their deflected and adversarial attitude towards the great movement of the Muslim nation of Iran; otherwise, we will publish the name of this irresponsible and off-track newspaper to the Muslims in the future.

The Imperial Court will be cleansed [of the Baha’is] before any other organizations.

The programme of combatting corruption, in which His Imperial Majesty has taken the lead, together with the shah and people’s anti-corruption movement against the Baha’i espionage group, has created a decisive and unprecedented hope within the public, who could undoubtedly expect that this movement would achieve desirable and fruitful results.

With the special and blessed attention of the Muslim king to the reasonable and lawful demands of the Muslim nation of Iran, with regard to suppressing the Baha’i band of espionage and the initiation of effective and relentless actions of His Excellency, it is said that the Imperial Court, which from every point of view is considered as (His Imperial Majesty’s dwelling place), will be cleansed by the order of His Majesty, before any other organization, of some Baha’is who, without the knowledge of His Majesty, have become firmly rooted in the Imperial Court, [carrying out] their sinister plans, and that this cleansing will be a significant lesson for the other organizations to follow.