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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper] Nabard-e Mellat

[Number:] 115

[Date: 23/2/[1334]- [14 May 1955]


Declaration of Human Rights, a Funny Excuse

It is being heard that some paid elements of the Baha’is, after the deadly attacks which hit the body of their satanic organisation, [in order] to prevent further definite deadly attacks and to delay their destruction, have used the Declaration of Human Rights as an excuse, and by making vague comments, intend to use this [declaration].

Here, to clear the minds of those who are not aware, we mention that the Charter of the United Nations and the Declaration of Human Rights are based on the heavenly teachings of Islam, which cares for innocents and respects the social rights of other religions and minorities, but not the followers of sects which are misguided politically, and espionage groups. Otherwise, it would protect the rights of all people without exception.

The first legislators of this Declaration, meaning big countries such as France, England and America, should be regarded as the ones who broke the principles and grand rules of this Declaration because they dealt with the followers of “Communism” much harder and more harshly than we did, and no nations that had some interest in it resorted to the imagery the Declaration of Human Rights.

We, our king, our nation and our parliaments, not only [in order to] comply with the Declaration of Human Rights, but because of respect for the rules and principles of the heavenly teachings of our religion, respect the rights of religious minorities and their social standings as long as they do not overstep  the boundaries assigned to them. However, according to the instructions of our indisputable religion, and because of our feelings for our country and for our honour, and because of the same Declaration of Human Rights, we cannot let a group of traitorous criminals, with provocation and conspiracy, destroy the root of our freedom and independence. The Declaration of Human Rights does not guarantee any rights for thieves, spies, traitors, or agitators; because if it were otherwise, any confrontation with the communist parties in the world, especially the communist party in Iran, according to the content of this Declaration, must be considered illegal and, accordingly, against humanity!!