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San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran

Number: ------

[Date: 21/03/1326 [12 June 1947]

Enclosure: ------


Mr Asadi, respected Head of the San‘ati and Ma‘dani Bank of Iran


With formal greetings, [I] respectfully convey that for a few days there have been demonstrations in Shahi against the Baha’is, and their primary target is the engineer Shahid Zadeh. Articles against him have been published in a few editions of the Dodd newspaper, in which Mr Amid Nouri completely ignored journalistic principles and justice and is publishing those [articles] without verifying the identity and background of the [authors]. This is why doubts are raised that the respected manager of Dodd is also involved in this. In order to replace Mr Shahid Zadeh, they made every possible accusation against him, even the [shedding of] Prince Siavash’s[1] blood [is blamed on Mr. Shahid Zadeh].  Having studied the last letter, which was published in number 1047, Wednesday 20/03/1326 [11 June 1947], my conscience forced me to raise with you the following. First, there is no need to write nor to speak about the fact that, following Mr Shahid Zadeh’s arrival, security [discipline] is well established, if by discipline, we mean internal order and an increase in productivity. And the bills of lading that are being sent to the Centre show that the productivity has increased significantly compared to [when the company was under control of] the Shah, and the Vatan and Toudeh [political] Parties. Since current security has put an end to the actions of that group that never attends work and only attends on the 15th [of every month] to receive their money and engage in large-scale theft.  [These individuals] therefore have resorted to “particular personalities” and provoked the issue of “Baha’i and Muslim”, with the hope that they their actions will restore the situation as it was in the past [stealing loads upon loads].


In summary, if the government wants the factory and wants the product, Mr Shahid Zadeh is needed in Shahi’s factories. I swear to God that I am not a Baha’i and I am not one of those people with connections [to Mr. Shahid Zadeh] as was mentioned [in the article]. On the contrary! From the day that the engineer Shahid Zadeh arrived [in Shahi], he made no contact with me, nor he does he do so now. Since those factories that have been plundered previously are in good shape today, and those opportunistic gentlemen are currently disappointed about their special benefits, they are trying to use these means to create turmoil and continue their theft. Therefore, I found it necessary to inform you in summary about this situation. The results of the actions of those gentlemen, who comprise that specific group, will be evident following Mr Shahid Zadeh’s move from Shahi, and then you will have to acknowledge that the topic of Muslim and Baha’i is only an excuse and all those proceedings are for the purpose of carrying out their malicious intentions.  As I have no expectation or any anticipation by having written this letter; , I refuse to sign my name, regardless of the result.


21/03/26 [12 June 1947].


In order to avoid possible suspicions, I have signed this letter, [but request that you] please keep [my name] confidential.

Mohamad-Bagher Sepehri, 1573


Certified copy, [Signature: Manouchehr Samandari], 2/04/26 [24 June 1947]




[1] [Prince Siavash was a legendary Iranian prince in the earliest days of the Iranian Empire.]