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[Newspaper:]  Kayhan

[Date:] 18 Mordad 1362 - 9 August 1983

[Issue No.:] 11936


In today’s pre-agenda talk

Movahedi Saveji explained the encounters and the opinions of the head of the Hojjatiyeh Association in the year 1350 [1971]

Kayhan political service

Today’s public session of the Parliament of The Islamic Council met with Mr. Mohammad Yazdi as the vice chairman of the Parliament.

At this meeting, Movahedi Savoji, the representative of Saveh, gave a talk regarding the triumph of the wars and the Hojjatiyeh Association and the resignation of the ministers of Labour and Commerce.

…Movahedi Saveji, regarding the Hojjatiyeh organization, said:  “Thank God, the Omnipotent, that He revealed the identity of the perverted Hojjatiyeh organization. We do not treat all followers and former members of this organization the same, and we do not close the doors on them. Among these followers in parts of the cities and areas are those who were Muslims and sincere, and followed the Imam, and were unaware of the way that the Association was managed and organized.

“As an example, I would say that, during the late 1350’s [1971-1972], around the year [13]48 [1969-1970], when I went to Bandar Abbas for teaching [promoting the religion] I met Mr. Halabi, the head of the Hojjatiyeh Association. During one day, up until noon, when I talked to him about social issues, campaigns, revolution, political issues and the previous regime, I personally observed  with my own eyes and heard with my own ears that he was neither for it nor against it; he would say we would neither help them nor stop them, so he had turned his back on the Revolution and people’s revolutionary movement and was very much against the Islamic movement led by the Imam, and he even said some rude and insulting things, too. And so, what is condemned is the management of this association, what is condemned is the organization and the people who are sitting at the top of this organization and are luring the kids, youth and people towards a very superficial Islam and a superficial mind-set.”