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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper]: Ettelaat

[Date:] 10 Mehr 1361 [2 October 1982]

[Issue No:] 16837



Report from [Islamic Consultative] Assembly


In another part of his speech Ali Movahhedi-Savojie to the enduring people Muslim of Iran who have been sacrificing their lives and money to support the revolution, stated:


False Movements Pretend to be Mainstream


The furious enemies of Islam are trying, by creating deviant movements, to show the minor issues as the fundamental, and instead of real anti-revolution activities, they sell us fake groups. Today our real enemies are the United States, Russia and their subordinates inside and out of the country.  To categorise the most important enemies inside Iran, [there are the] Monafeghin[1]; armed [ideologically mixed] groups; communists; and then liberals and nationalists; monarchists; blood-sucking capitalists; those who do hoarding; intellectuals who are Eastern or Westernized; runaways and idol worshippers. All together, [these] form the united front against the revolution. Next are the parties of Tudeh[2], the Liberation Front; and the Islamic People’s [Front]; and the final [group] is the Hojjatieh Society,[3] these fools who are wandering around the religious authoritative figures.  The Hojjatieh Society, because its foundation was based on opposition to Baha’is, non-involvement in politics and avoiding [conflict with] the Shah’s regime, cooperated at times to keep the regime in power; it is considered a void and deviant movement.  Even now, if there are people with such ways of thinking and belief [they should] be avoided and condemned.


[1] [Monafeghin (stirrers of sedition):  Refers to People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran]

[2] [The Tudeh Party of Iran is an Iranian communist party.]

[3] [This is a traditionalist Iranian Shia lay religious organization that promotes orthodoxy through non-violent evangelism. It was founded in response to the Bahá'í Faith in the 1950s]