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In the Name of God


Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Court

Official Minutes of Interrogation and Proceedings


Name/   Surname/     Branch/       Date/     /File Number

Decision of the Court

In the Name of God:


According to this file, number 1751/73, Mr. Mousa  Talebi, son of Mehdi-Gholi, 64 years old, a Baha'i from Iskandari, resident of Vilashahr, Najafabad, has been imprisoned in the Central Prison of Isfahan since 18/3/1373 [8 June 1994]. He is accused of apostasy from the religion of Islam, acting against the internal security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and attracting individuals to the perverse Baha’i sect, including two daughters of [his] brother by the names of Shahla and Malihe, although these two ladies withdrew their confession and stated that their uncle had good intentions and did not deceive them.  However, their explicit confession in the presence of the respected Sharia Judge at Branch 2, dated 9/4/1373 [30 June 1994] is on file, and their denial at a later stage is not acceptable.  In addition to this, the contents of his file, from beginning to end, convey that the accused is a key figure and one of the main teachers of the perverse Baha’i sect; therefore, on the basis of article 11 of the Islamic Discretionary Punishment Law, he is sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment, including time served.


With regard to the accusation of apostasy, in the opinion of this Court, the aforementioned individual was and is a Baha'i from a Baha'i family, and his apostasy from Islam is not established.  Therefore, he is acquitted under the principle of innocence.


This decision was delivered in court and is final.

Branch 3 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Isfahan-


Signed and stamped,

7/4/1374 [28 June 1995]