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In His Exalted Name


Islamic Revolutionary Court, Commercial Trade Court

Number: 1489-169

Date:  24/1/60 [13 April 1981]

[Bureau of] Intelligence and Investigation of the Prime Minister's Office

In response to the letter 20/181, dated 11/12/1359 [2 March 1980]


Mr. Mousa Ehsani is an influential member of the Baha'i sect who is likely to transfer funds outside [Iran], and is therefore prohibited to leave the country. Moreover, a general guideline must be adopted on the national level by the Majlis or the Supreme Judicial Council with respect to these individuals whose blood may be shed with impunity.


Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, Commercial Section



[official stamp]

23/1/1360 [12 April 1981]

[stamp] Indexed

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24/1/1360 [13 April 1981]

Number 21248

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Brother Saeidi

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