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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of the Just God


15 Azar 1368 [6 December 1989]


Distinguished General Prosecutor of Evin [Prison], May Your Position Be Everlasting

[This is to] respectfully convey that I am Molouk Khadem, and have spent nearly six years in the Evin Prison, seeking God’s assistance. It is about nine months since I was released from the prison, and I have awaited the authorities’ attention to obtain my lost rights. However, this freedom has created more difficulty for me.  I have lost my retirement pension after 40 years of sincere service at the Department of Education and Finance; even the meagre amount of my savings, which were kept aside for days of need, has been sent to the Treasury [confiscated].  I respectfully request that you consider the situation of a person who is over 70 years old and, according to records kept in Evin [Prison], requires eye surgery. Is it right that she should burden her brother and sister? Does Islamic Justice permit that I have not even been able to sell my own vehicle, which the authorities have returned to me, and have been barred from doing any [financial] transaction?

Do you consider it fair that a person who has served with honesty, her entire life, now that she is in advanced age, and is sick and depressed, be left alone just because of her belief, which is not even against Islam? They have not even returned to me my belongings and documents that they took from my house, or other objects, and promised that they would return them. They even deny me or my mother a bottle of milk!

I will leave you to your conscience and those holy words to decide. As in the past six years, I will respectfully obey your decision and will be patient, as the reward of the patient ones is unlimited. I only disturbed you for a gentle reminder.

I leave you to God, who is aware of all the secrets, requesting your consideration and response.


Respectfully – Molouk Khadem, daughter of Mosa

(I have written this letter at the back of one of my kind co-prisoner’s letters)