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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[For clarity, only sections and names related to the Bahá’í individuals are mentioned]

[The document is the official Notice of the Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor in Tehran, regarding the announcement of the removal of the ban on financial dealings with individuals]


…-41916/M/62 – 17/12/ 68 [8 March 1990], following letter number 30/62/2595 – 3/4/ 62 [25 July 1983], the ban on the financial dealings with Mrs. Molouk Khadem, daughter of Mousa, is removed according to the issued verdict and its implementation.

Office of the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor in Tehran


…- 8 pages of information copies of letters numbers 9049 – 33803 – 16453 – 28876 – 41916 – 1309 – 26398 – 27321 from the Revolutionary Prosecutor are enclosed to be forwarded to the registry units and offices of that region.


The National Lands and Deeds Registry

5/20362 – 28/12/1368 [19 March 1990], a copy is forwarded for legal action to the registry units, and offices of official deeds.


On behalf of the director general of the Registries in the region of Tehran