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[Personal information has been redacted.]


National Retirement Center

Registration number: 345

Phone Number: 315511


Number: 2383

Date: 30/10/63 [20 January 1985]

Enclosure: ---


In the Name of God


Dear colleague Mrs. Molouk Khadem,


From the beginning of the imposed war of righteousness against falsehood, you and other Iranians have not hesitated to provide material and spiritual support to the [armed] forces, who fight in the front lines, and [you yourself] have served many times behind the front lines, despite your advanced age.

Those who sent their youth and teens to the battlefield to become martyrs and did not allow that to be advertised in any press or news, lest it lead to pretense and self-aggrandizement, [may wish to know that] a bank account with the number [redacted] has now been established in the Hedayat branch of Tejarat Bank. We request that you deposit at least one day’s worth of your salary in order to help the [armed forces] in the front lines, and send a copy of your receipt to the National Retirement Center, in order for it to be published in the newspapers and to prove your cooperation with the warriors [armed forces].


National Retirement Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran