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Islamic Republic of Iran

National Civil Aviation Organization

Number:  43

Date: 20/2/1360 [10 May 1981]



In His Exalted Name


Mrs.  Molouk Kawsari


In accordance with the fatwa of the Ulama  of the blessed religion  of  Islam,  given that the  Baha’i  religion  is  not  among the  officially recognized religions  of  the  government  of  the  Islamic Republic,  and  the  employment  of  such  people  [Baha’is] were unlawful [even] in the Constitution of taghut [despotic regime of the Shah], no followers of the Baha’i sect  is entitled to benefit from the National Treasury.  Therefore, termination of your salary is with full knowledge, and in accordance with the Islamic laws.

Gholamreza Aalami


Tehran - International Mehr–Abad Airport