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[Adapted from website:] The Baha’ism

[Date:] 2 Mordad 1389 [24 July 2010]


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Resalat: Kadivar has just returned from a trip to Israel; he wants to blame the supreme leader for all the mistakes of the government.

Referring to Mohsen Kadivar’s letter to the chairman of the Assembly of Experts, Resalat newspaper criticised him, writing:

Mohsen Kadivar criticises the pressure on Baha’is in Iran, calling the deprivation of Baha’i citizens of the opportunity to continue their education at universities “a clear violation of the constitution and Sharia law (according to the fatwa of the late Ayatollah Montazeri).” It is clear that Kadivar cannot see the Baha’is’ dependence on Israel and global imperialists and fails to see this religion of corruption and heresy as a factor in dividing the Muslims and overthrowing the Islamic State, because Kadivar has just returned from a trip to Israel.

Mohsen Kadivar uses the economic issue of rising housing prices as an excuse to say that the supreme leader has violated Article 31 of the Constitution on the right of every Iranian to adequate housing. He wants to blame all the mistakes of the government on the supreme leader, in addition to ignoring the role of the Mafia in artificially raising the housing prices.

Written by Mohammad