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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Ministry of Roads

Iranian National Railways

Office: ---

District: ---

No.: ---

Date: 133--- [195---]

Enclosure: ---


Complaints Investigation Commission of the Ministry of Roads,

Subject: Complaint by Mr Mohsen Hemmati, Head of Human Resources Office of South Region


Enclosed is the original complaint received from Mr Hemmati, registered under number [redacted] [dated] 12/7/1337 [4 October 1958] in the ministerial office.

Since Mr Hemmati has stated his religion Baha'i in his employment form, in accordance with the general directive, his appointment has not yet been authorised.


Iranian National Railways

16141 [date:] 26/7/1337 [18 October 1958]

Copy is sent to South Region Railways, which is asked to make the above-named person understand the problem.


Iranian National Railways

Copy to Mr Hemmati.

Head of South Region Railways - Kaviani



[Handwritten note, number and date in the margin of the page]


29/7/1337 [21 October 1958]