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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Bultan News

[Date:] 7 Dey 1393 [28 December 2014]


Today, They Talk About Citizenship Rights in Order to Increase the Pressure on the Islamic Republic

Political Group – The internet newspaper Rah-e Digar, in the article dated 26 Azar 1393 [17 December 2014] entitled “Let Us Not Censor Our Citizenship Rights”, written by Mohammad-Taghi Karroubi, addressed the issue of the citizenship rights of the Baha’i sect.

According to the Bultan News, referring to Ayatollah Bojnourdi’s remarks on the Baha’i citizenship rights in Fars News Agency, Karroubi wrote, “Article 19 of the Constitution explicitly states that the people of Iran, regardless of their ethnicity and tribe, have equal rights. Colour, race, language, and the like will not be a privilege.”

In this regard, Mohammad-Taghi Karroubi should note that, although in the principles of the Constitution, all Iranians of any colour and race are accepted and have basic citizenship rights, if a group or sect raises matters, issues, developments and events that are intended to put pressure on the regime and the country and Muslims, and to question human rights, then it is the duty of the government to analyze the issue and not allow the rights of the majority of the Muslim people and other Iranians to be undermined or ignored.

Why are human rights claimants not interested in other issues in the world today, and their only concern is the Baha’is of Iran?

These people did not make these statements when they were in the government and parliament, and they had completely forgotten that Iran is a land of different ethnicities and religions! But now they have used these issues as an excuse to put pressure on the regime. Today, the background of many people who work abroad, in Europe and the United States, in various media related to citizenship rights, human rights and Baha’i rights, with the aim of putting pressure on the Islamic Republic and the Rouhani government, is clearly visible. These people had never published anything about the rights of the Baha’is before migrating to the United States and Europe, and some of them spoke contrary to today’s arguments!

It is interesting that even some writers and supporters of human rights today, before and after the Revolution, were among the political groups that criticized the Baha’is, ... but today they have become supporters of the rights of the Baha’is in order to attract the attention of the United States, Israel, Europe, Britain, etc.

These points show that the main purpose of these people in mentioning the citizenship rights and human rights is not to pay attention to human rights; in reality, they seek not to be excluded and censored from the circle of political activities inside and outside the country. They raise their own issues and increase the pressure on the regime, and their concern is neither the Baha’is nor other ethnic groups, colours and races...