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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil


Dated 22/2/1362 [12 May 1983]

Number: H-B-2/686

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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Decision number H-B-2/686, dated 22/2/1362

Administered by: The Preliminary Commission for the Restructuring of  Human Resources of:  Oil Industry [refinery] Number 2, Shiraz,


Allegation: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect


Synopsis of Proceedings: The allegations against Mr. Mohammad Sami, son of Ahmad, born in 1313 [1934-35], birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], holding organizational position of Head of Work Scheduling, with a service record of 18 years; place of work: the Petrochemical Group of Shiraz; personnel number [redacted]; holder of High School certificate; and married, was investigated by the Commission.  At its meeting held on 22/2/62, having considered the evidence before it, this Commission issued its decision as follows:


Decision of Commission


Based on the documents contained in the file and the report of the investigatory group —x—, the defendant’s confession;  —x—; the defence presented by the defendant —x—; and in the light of other circumstances and evidence in the file, the allegations against the defendant are, in the committee’s opinion, established and proven.  The offense of the above-mentioned is:  Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, as stated in item 8 of section 29 of the Human Resources Restructuring Act, [applicable to] Government Ministries and Affiliated Organizations, enacted on [5/7/1360 (27 September 1981)], and based on item 11 of section 20 of the afore-mentioned Act, he is sentenced to permanent termination from employment in governmental and affiliated organizations.  According to section 49 of the afore-mentioned Act, this decision is appealable within 10 days from its service upon the accused (whether personally or [through other legal means]) at the Appeals Office.


The Primary Commission,


On behalf of: The Preliminary Commission for Restructuring Human Resources of Oil Industry [refinery] Number 2, Shiraz,


[Official stamp] [Signature]


22/2/1362 [12 May 1983]