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Ministry of Interior

State Police Department

Law Enforcement Office of Isfahan


Copy – Report of Criminal Investigation Office, Security Branch

Date: 1 Bahman 1317 [21 January 1939]

No.: 523


[Illegible] – with reference to confidential letter no. 16070 of 24 Dey 1317 [14 January 1939] from the governor’s office, a copy of the report from the district governor of Ardestan is attached, charging this Branch with the investigation of Mohammad Rafiei.

Security Branch summoned Mirza Mohammad Rafiei from prison for investigation, during which he stated that, “Every district of Ardestan has its own separate cemetery and mortuary, and since the district in Babolbarhi, where I reside, had a cemetery, the [illegible], and its mortuary had been registered as endowments by Seyyed Alireza, the education principal of Ardestan, and was subsequently demolished and its bricks taken away, we, the residents of the said district, decided to build a new cemetery and mortuary in a remote location so that its water would not mix with the drinking water of the district. We then chose a piece of land of four or five acres, within the jurisdiction of the same district, situated in Bunaydi [illegible] and, under my supervision and that of my two nephews, Masihollah and Samiollah, began building a fence around it and built a small pool in the middle, and the mortuary is still unfinished. In addition to burying the dead, we intend to lay roads and plant flowers and call it Golestan-e Javid or New Momenabad (since the old cemetery was called Momenabad).”

In continuation of the interrogations, he finally confessed that since he is a Baha’i and all residents of Babolbarhi Lane are Baha’is, they plan to prepare this cemetery for their deceased. I therefore submit the report of this interrogation in eight pages as well as the original copy of the governor’s confidential letter for your information.

Head of Security Branch, Iravani


Certified Copy