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Iran Telecommunications Company

Date: 13/8/61 [4 November 1982]

Number: 212/12749

Enclosure -----


In the Name of God


Verily, Hossain is the beacon and the rescue of humanity. Prophet Mohammad


Telecommunications Office


We enclose herewith copies of letters numbers 459/31472, [dated] 10/8/1361 [1 November 1982] and 3268/b, dated 21/7/1361 [13 October 1982], you are directed to serve decision number 15, dated 20/7/1361 [12 Oct 1982], of the Primary Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources, on Mr. Mohammad Mehdi-Najafi, and in the event that [he] does not appeal against this decision within the prescribed period, please inform [this office] so that the necessary action can be taken.


[Handwritten note on the margin of the page]

Secretariat, immediately direct the above-named person to leave his workplace.

[Illegible] 15/8/ [1361] [6 November 1982]