Mohammad-Hosein Masoumi

Born: 25 October1917

Murdered in Nuk, South Khorsan on 23rd November 1980


Mohammad-Hosein Masoumi was born into a Bahá’í family.  He was a farmer by profession.  He and his wife, Shekkar-Nisa Masoumi and their children were the only Bahá’ís living in the village of Nuk, Khorasan.

At 10 pm on 23 November 1980, several masked men quietly snuck into their home and brutally attacked both husband and wife.  Mohammad-Hosein Masoumi was in the barn at the time of the attack. They beat him with a pickaxe, and left several sharp blows on his head, and then him set on fire and threw into a ditch.  While this took place, Shekkar-Nisa Masoumi was held captive in their home by one of the attackers.  The rest of the men then returned to kill her. But she fiercely resisted. They beat her, and tied a rope around her neck and attempted to strangle her, and they tried to set fire on her. But she managed to break free and ran to her neighbours for help.  They refused to help.  She then went out in search of her husband, alone, and upon finding his charred remains began crying and screaming.  One of the attackers saw her and rushed to the ditch and struck her on the head.  No-one went to her rescue and she finally returned home helplessly.  At sunrise the next morning her son-in-law, who was living in the nearby village of Zirk, was informed of the night’s events.  He immediately went to her home, and found her still alive. She was taken to a hospital in Bírjand, Khorasan and was in a coma for 6 days before she passed away. 

The perpetuators of these murders were arrested, and although they confessed to the murders they were released after posting bail.The bodies of Mohammad Hosein and Shekar Nesa were laid to rest, side by side, in Nuk, by their family and in accordance with Bahá’í law.



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