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[Personal information has been redacted.]


From: Bread Production Plant – Etka Organization

To: Adjutancy Director of Etka Organization

Subject: Technical employee: Mohammad Ali Movahed


In the Name of God



Ministry of War (and National Defense)

Telephone: [provided]


Number: [2] – 37 – 79

Date 10/11/1358 [30 January 1980]



With reference to number 8[?2]3-37-10 dated 6/11/1358 [26 January 1980]

The above-mentioned civilian has been dismissed from employment in the bread production plant as of 1/11/1358 [21 January 1980], and his military documents will be forwarded shortly.


Director of the bread production plant


Eskandar Hoseinkhani




  1. Mr. Mohammad Ali Movahed, according to Directive number 802-2-3[?]—[dated:] 11/10/1358 [1 January 1980] from the Ministry of National Defense, you are dismissed from service at this organization as of the above date, and you no longer hold a position in this administration.  Furthermore, you are requested to forward all the military documentation, the grocery ration booklets, identification cards, and the medical booklets pertaining to yourself and your dependents, as well as your exact residential address, to the personnel office.
  2. Finance office of the bread production plant for information and necessary action.
  3. Investigation and Protection Office of the bread production plant for information and necessary action.
  4. Statistics and Employment executive officer.


Actioned by: Aqa’i [Doust] telephone 23


[Handwritten note at the bottom of page]

The above mentioned individual is a Baha’i, and despite his pious appearance, he still has not given up the propagation of the [Baha’i] teachings, and he firmly adheres to the Baha’i principles.


Committee for the review and investigation of complaints