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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Mizan Online News Agency

[Date:] 26 Ordibehesht 1395 [15 May 2016]


According to the political group of Mizan Online News Agency, Saadollah Zareie wrote in a note: “The Baha’is in Iran, no matter how many there are, are not enough to represent a large enough part of Iranian society in order to be a help in an election.”

However, the Shias, who constitute the absolute majority of Iranian society, do not like the convergence with the Baha’is, who are considered by all authorities and leaders of Shia as heretical and therefore an infidel and impure sect, and they are not in favour of them, and they become pessimistic about Faezeh [Hashemi] and the current in which she is being reported.

Hence, it can be inferred that the external current has demanded more removal of rules and customs from this internal current, especially in the cultural sphere, and has demanded more freedom for the Baha’is; and the recognition of their activities as a condition for improving the cultural atmosphere.

Here, of course, the West does not intend freedom of action of the Baha’is in Iran, because on the one hand, the Baha’is are not so much a source of influence at the moment that their freedom of action will open a knot for the West in relation to Iranian society. But, on the other hand, the West knows, for example, to open the space for more and freer Baha’i activity at the official level, the Baha’i problem will still remain at the social level due to the prevailing Shia norms and does not openly affect Baha’i activity in Iran.

Thus, it seems that the West’s goal is essentially to make the official Iranian system passive in the face of Western norms. Meanwhile, the greater freedom of action of Baha’is in Iran is the prelude to subsequent impositions that are less sensitive to the imposition of Baha’is. When the barrier is broken, everything will happen naturally and the sensitivity will disappear.