Mir Parviz Afnani

Born: 1928, Aghej-dizaj, East Azerbaijan

Murdered in Miandoab on 1 January 1979


Mir Parviz Afnani owned a wood-selling business and was known as an honest businessman.  On 1 January 1979, his house was attacked by a mob.  He and his son, Khosraw Afnani, pleaded with the crowd to leave, however they persisted.  When one of the attackers began to slaughter their sheep, Khosraw, in an effort to disperse the crowd fired his shotgun and accidentally shot and killed the man.  The crowd captured both father and son.  They were killed by hacking with sickles, and their bodies were set aflame.  Their burnt remains were later laid to rest in Bukan, in accordance with Baha’i law.


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