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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhouri Eslami

[Date:] Tuesday, 26 Azar 1363 – 4 Rabi’ath-Thani 1406 [17 December 1985]

[Issue No.:] 1899


Prime Minister On A Visit With A Group of Blue Collar Workers:

That which is called violation of human rights in Iran is a reaction by superpowers who have lost their benefits in Iran

Mr. Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the prime minister, said, “The support of the president of the United States [of America] for the espionage sect, meaning Baha’ism, not only shows the nature of a sect supported at the capital of the world’s greatest criminals, but also shows the level of anger and grudge America holds towards the Islamic revolution ....

…The late Agha Najafi and Haj Agha Nourollah … also in the cultural arena, started fighting with them [colonisers] and their agents, especially the colonial product, namely the Baha’is. …until in 1320 [1941-1942] at the instigation of the Russians, a group of Babis took refuge at the Russian consulate and sent a message to the clergy in Isfahan to send their leader to debate the matter at hand to prove the truth of their faith. Agha Najafi, who had realized the plot, locked himself in his home and said “Taghi” would never leave his home. After that, about 20,000 individuals surrounded the Russian consulate in Isfahan and were planning to attack the place. … 

… Agha Najafi and Haj Agha Nourollah were asked to disperse the mob. … After their demands were met, people dispersed, but as the Babi group was leaving the consulate, two of them were murdered. Following this incident, Agha Najafi and Haj Agha Nurollah were called to Tehran. …