Mir-Asadollah Mokhtari

Born: February 1910, Ghaleh-Kuh, Khorasan 

Murdered in Andaroun, Khorasan on 18 May 1980


Mir-Asadollah Mokhtari was born into a Baha’i family.  He pioneered to Andaroun in 1946 and worked as a farmer.  He was often persecuted by the fanatical populace; on several occasions he was beaten so badly that he was hospitalised and bedridden. 

Then, on the evening of 18 May 1980, he did not return home after a day’s work of shepherding his sheep.  His children spent the whole night looking for him and at dawn found his blood-soaked body 5 km away from Andaroun.  His knapsack was still on his back when he was found.  The coroner declared that he had been strangled and clobbered with wooden sticks.  His body was not permitted to be buried in Andaroun; he was laid to rest in the Baha’i cemetery of neighbouring Birjand instead.


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